2021 Gun Raffle

The Lancaster Fair Board of Directors are excited to hold their first gun raffle.

All proceeds will benefit the future construction of new horse barns!


Maximum of 1,000 ticket s will be sold and are numbered from 000 to 999. A donation of $30.00 per ticket is required; all donations must be paid prior to the receiving the ticket. Only tickets that have been paid for may be used for the drawing. Lancaster Fair reserves the right to draw early due to scheduling conflict or ease of scheduling.

Proceeds of this Raffle benefit the Coos & Essex Agricultural Society, DBA Lancaster Fair building of Horse Barns Prizes are new, factory-made standard type firearms. No custom calibers or designs will be awarded.

Beginning June 1st and each following weekday through June 30th a gun will be giving away. If all 1000 Tickets are sold, the winning number will be the same as the NH Lottery MIDDAY Pick 3 number. If all 1000 Tickets are not sold, there will be a manual drawing for the winners.

After each drawing, the winning ticket will be recorded and placed back with the remaining tickets to be eligible for any remaining drawings. Every ticket is eligible for all 30 drawings. Winners will be announced on the Lancaster Fairs Facebook Page.

Raffle is void where prohibited.

Ticket buyers must be at least 18 years old and a legal resident of the United States to purchase a ticket.

By obtaining a raffle ticket, the buyer is attesting to be a law-abiding citizen of good moral character, may legally possess the firearm won, and intends to use the firearm only in a safe and legal manner.

Winners must be at least 18 years old to take possession of a rifle or shotgun, and at least 21 years old to take possession of a handgun. Handgun Winners under 21 years of age may choose another firearm (non-handgun) handled by LL Cote.

All firearms won are subject to availability and Lancaster Fair reserves the right to make substitutions of equal or greater value. Transfers will be handled by LL Cote, Errol NH.

All Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF) rules apply.

All firearm transfers will be done through a Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) dealer and all applicable Federal and

State laws will apply, including the state laws of the legal residence of the winning ticket holder.

If a winner wishes to have a winning firearm transferred to their local FFL, shipping and other additional costs become the responsibility of the winner, including arrangements made directly with LL Cote.

Winners may be required to verify that ownership of the firearm won is legal in their state, city or town prior to taking possession of the firearm won.

At no time will the Lancaster Fair take possession of any of the firearms involved in this raffle. Winners will receive firearms directly from an FFL dealer only and all applicable laws will apply.

Winners will be notified using the name, address, and phone number that the purchaser has recorded on the digital ticket stub. In the event that the Lancaster Fair is unable to contact the winner, it is the sole responsibility of the winning ticket holder to contact the Lancaster Fair to claim their prize. Prizes are not transferable to anyone other than the person designated on the digital ticket stub. ALL PRIZES MUST BE CLAIMED AND ALL TRANSFERS COMPLETED WITHIN 90 DAYS OF THE DATE THAT THE TICKET IS DRAWN.

Lancaster Fair makes no warranty of firearms. Winners must deal directly with the manufacturer if a problem arises. Lancaster Fair makes no claim of firearms suitability of the purpose of the firearm won. Lancaster Fair limits any and all liability to the purchase price of the ticket purchased.

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