Department F: Maple & Honey

Please Note: All Departments must be in place by Monday, August 30th at 8:00pm for Judging on Tuesday, August 31st.

Articles for Entries will be accepted Sunday, August 29th from 12 Noon-6:00pm and Monday, August 30th from 9am-8:00pm. All Judging will take place on Tuesday, August 31st.

You may enter in as many classes as you like, but only One entry per lot unless otherwise.

All Entry Forms Close on August 24th.

Entries must remain in place until 5:00 pm on Monday, Sept. 6th and must be removed by Tuesday, Sept. 7th by 3:00 pm. The Fair is not responsible for items left after 3:00 pm on Sept. 7th.  Entries removed prior to 5 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 6th relinquish all prizes and ribbons associated with entries.

Receive 2 FREE 1 day passes for this years Lancaster Fair, when you exhibit items in the Arts and Crafts hall, and acquire 75 or more points.  An exhibitor’s pass will  be given to an exhibitor acquiring 200 or more points.

Points are awarded in the following manner:
Blue Ribbon (first place) 20 points
Red Ribbon (second place) 15 points
Yellow Ribbon (third place) 10 points
Entry Blank On Line 10 points
New Exhibitor 5 points
Successive Exhibitor 10 points

Numerous Exhibits:
25= 5 points
50= 10 points
75= 15 points

100=20 points
Exhibits will be judged on Tuesday before the fair opens, so be sure to include your telephone number, and we will contact you if you achieve the 75 or more points for your FREE passes.

Syrup exhibits require a quantity of one pint. (Pint jars are available at the arts and crafts hall for exhibition after judging).   All exhibits in this department will be judged by an inspector from the Department of Agriculture of NH and or VT. Score sheets will be given on each exhibit. All entries must be from current year’s production. All age groups will follow the same rules and use same sections and classes.

Class 1. Maple Syrup
Bring your best maple syrup to compete in one open class.
Lot 1: Golden with Delicate Taste
Lot 2: Amber with Rich Taste
Lot 3: Dark with Robust Taste

1st – $10.00 & a Ribbon; 2nd – $9.00 & a Ribbon; 3rd – $8.00 & a Ribbon

Youth: Age 17 and under
1st – $10.00 & a Ribbon; 2nd – $9.00 & a Ribbon; 3rd – $8.00 & a Ribbon

Class 2.
Lot 1. Maple Sugar Cakes or Candy, 1/2 lb. or more in commercial package.
Lot 2. Maple Cream, 1/2 lb. or more in commercial glass container.
Lot 3. Dry Maple Sugar, 1/2 lb. or more in commercial glass package.

1st – $8.00
2nd – $7.00
3rd – $6.00

Class 3. Best Display of Maple Products
Packaged to Sell – May include producer’s label.
This display shall consist of at least five maple products of good quality and shall be judged on the basis of packaging, attractive labeling, and general effectiveness of display for promoting retail sales.

Seniors and Open:
1st-$15.00; 2nd-$12.00; 3rd-$10.00

Class 4. Sweepstakes of Show
This Award will be made on the basis of the highest total score
on entries in four lots, including maple syrup, provided that any exhibitor to qualify has placed as a money winner in at least two divisions.


Judging Score Card for Maple Syrup
1. Flavor 35
2. Density 30
3. Clarity 20
4. Color 15


Explanation of Cuts
Flavor – Judged in order of best to poorest in flavor. One-half to five points deducted from score of one preceding.
Density – Each tenth of a degree below 36 degrees Baume lowers score four-tenths of a point. Each tenth over 36.5 degrees lowers score two-tenths of a point. Below 35.5 degrees Baume is disqualified.
Clarity – Crystal clear and clean. Deductions based on amount of sugar crystals, nitre, cloudiness, debris and sediment.
Color – Representative of stated grade.

Class 5. Honey Products – Strained Honey to be in commercial 1 lb. Honey Jars.
1. Light Amber
2. Medium Amber
3. Dark Amber

1st-$7.00; 2nd-$6.00; 3rd-$5.00

4. Combed Honey
5. Creamed Honey
6. Bees Wax Clarified
7. Bees Wax Candles

1st-$5.00; 2nd-$4.00; 3rd-$3.00

Class 6. Best Display of Honey Products Packaged to sell.
This display shall consist of at least 5 honey products or by-products of good quality and shall be judged on the basis of packaging, attractive labeling, and general effectiveness of display for promoting retail sales.

1st-$15.00; 2nd-$12.00; 3rd-$10.00


A special ribbon and monetary award will be awarded to those persons having more than 25, 50 , 75 , and 100 or more entries in Dept. D-P. Only one entry per lot.

Sandra Yunghans, Director
Tel: 603/788-3519

Judge may withhold prizes for insufficient merit and remove from public view any entry or part thereof which, in his/her opinion, discredits the exhibition.

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