Department C: Fair Contests

Pie Contest “Now You’re Cooking”

with Shaw’s of Lancaster, and Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank.

Bring your favorite pie creation, along with the recipe in a disposable pie tin to the Arts and Crafts Hall on Friday, August 30 by 3 pm for judging at 4pm

Class 1 – Open to All Ages
1st-$100.00; 2nd.-$70.00; 3rd.-$50.00; 4th.-$25.00; 5th.-$10.00

Fair is not responsible for return of pie plates, all food will be auctioned off after judging, proceeds to benefit the upgrade of the Arts and Crafts building


Must be free standing, and not over 6 feet tall.
Lot 1. Most Original
Lot 2. Funniest
Lot 3. Scariest

1st.-$10.00; 2nd.-$7.50; 3rd.-$5.00, ribbons awarded to 6th place.


This is a display of up to 10 items from a personal collection, artistically displayed for public viewing. Each display is limited to a area of 2 feet x 2 feet, it is open to all ages. All displays are entered at the risk of the exhibitor.

1st.-$35.00, 2nd.-$15.00

Youth 12 and under:
1st.-$15.00, 2nd.-$10.00

Giant Pumpkin or Squash

Sponsored by Lancaster Fair

Will be judged as one category together.
Size will be determined by weight (150# minimum).
1st-$150.00; 2nd-$75.00; 3rd’$50.00; 4th-$20.00; 5th-$10.00

Largest Zucchini Squash

Size will be determined by weight.

Open to all ages:
1st-$10.00; 2nd-$8.00; 3rd-$6.00; 4th-$4.00

Best Dressed Vegetable

“Lancaster Fair”
Sponsored by The Lancaster Fair
Rules: Dress a vegetable. Use any fabrics or embellishments to create the perfect vegetable that best portrays the theme.

One class only – ages 12 and younger:
1st–$10.00, 2nd–$8.00, 3rd–$5.00

Decorated Pie Pumpkin

Sponsored by Passumpsic Bank
Rules: Decorate a pie pumpkin with paints or markers or fabric.
Theme: “Harvest Time”

Two classes:
Ages 4 thru 7 and 8 thru 12
A $50 for each age group.

Children’s Basket of Favorite Veggies.

Sponsored by:
Sullivan’s Greenhouse,
Patty & Fred Sullivan
268 Elm St
Lancaster, NH 03584

Open to children ages 3-12 years old. Basket should be no larger than 12” across. Basket should show the favorite vegetables of that child. There is no limit on the size, or quantity of vegetables. They should be attractively arranged by the child. Age of child should be on the entry tag. Veggies can be grown by the child or if necessary purchased at a farm stand. “Please no help from parents.”
1st-$20.00; 2nd-$15.00; 3rd-$10.00; 4th-$5.00; 5th-$3.00

Chocolate Cream Pie Eating Contest

Sunday, September 1 at 1 pm, and again at 3 pm. See who can eat the most pie in the quickest time! No hands allowed.
$100.00 cash prize per seating
Sponsored by: Crane & Bell, CPAs

Homemade Dip Contest

Thursday, September 3 at 4 pm
Judging will be done by peoples judges.  Bring 1 cup of your favorite dip for chips/crackers (include recipe), to the Arts and Crafts hall by  3:30 p.m, no pre-registration is required. All supplies for tasting will be furnished by the Lancaster Fair.
1st.-$15.00; 2nd.-$10.00; 3rd.-$5.00

Lego Surprise!

Sponsored by: The Lancaster Fair

Build, create, and construct your most imaginative device using Lego’s.

Open to all who cannot give up the urge to play with this timeless toy.
Category 1: Animated/Automated (having at least 1 wheel, must be able to be moved on this/these wheels. creates motion when touched)
Category 2: Original (not from kit)
Category 3: Your favorite Lego Sculpture

2 classes to this contest – Ages 5-11 years and Ages 12 and up.
Both Classes 1st-$25.00; 2nd-$15.00; 3rd-$10.00