Oxen Pulls

Chris Brady, Director
Verna Roberts, Judge

All cattle must have health certificate and proof of insurance. The pulls will be run under the New England Oxen Teamsters Association Rules.

8:00 AM Weigh-in for all classes
10:00 AM Class 1. 2100# and under
NOON Class 2. 2400#
1:30 PM Class 3. 1600# and under (Teamster—Youth 18 or under)
3:00 PM Class 4. 2800#
4:30 PM Class 5. 3200#
7:00 PM Class 6. Free For All

1st—$100.00; 2nd—$90.00; 3rd—$80.00; 4th—$70.00; 5th—$60.00; 6th—$50.00
1st—$125.00; 2nd—$115.00; 3rd—$100.00; 4th—$90.00; 5th—$80.00; 6th—$70.00
2400#; 2800#; 3200#
1st—$150.00; 2nd—$130.00; 3rd—$110.00; 4th—$100.00; 5th—$90.00; 6th—$80.00
Free For All Class
1st—$250.00; 2nd—$225.00; 3rd—$200.00; 4th—$150.00; 5th—$125.00; 6th—$100.00

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